Through ads and public service announcements in the different media, we will seek ways to publicize this problem and bring knowledge and support to stop this tragedy from happening. We plan a big party for children and young adults with special needs and their families and friends every year to help raise awareness and have a great time.

Creating Greater Public Awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Differently-abled children need playground equipment in parks and schools that accommodate them so that they can play alongside other children instead of just watching on the sidelines. To that end, we will raise money to help Special Education teachers get the help and supplies they need and work toward having the special needs playground equipment made for the parks and schools nationwide.

Special-needs playground equipment

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We want to create dolls and toys for differently-abled children to play with and enjoy. We want to bring children dolls that resemble them and give them toys that accommodate their special needs.

Dolls that resemble differently-abled children 

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We will create a differently-abled children's book series that highlights the situations that these children go through on a regular basis, i.e. bullying, neglect, disrespect, misunderstandings, etc. and show children that we all deserve to be treated fairly and lovingly.

Books that have characters that resemble differently-abled children 

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Differently-abled children in African and other developing nations are invisible. We want to remedy that and bring greater visibility to this situation by working with other charity groups who are already established in those locations. We want to sponsor differently-abled children in developing nations and provide for their care. 

International outreach

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Apartment complexes for young adults who are differently-abled that are custom-outfitted to accommodate them and their caregivers and families. 

Apartment complexes for differently-abled people

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Differently-abled young adults need an educational bridge between special education classes in high school and regular college. We want to form an online school for that. 

Bridging the educational gap for differently-abled young people

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Our Helping Hands Team will be composed of a nurse, a tutor, a personal trainer, a social assessor, a masseuse, a therapist/psychologist, and a friend. This team will provide free services to children with special needs to improve their quality of life and assist their parents/caregivers with their care. We will pay medical copays also. Everything needed will be provided.

Helping Hands support teams

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We want to create children's camps that are suitable for special needs adaptation. All kids will be able to attend these camps for free. The
parents of differently-abled children will be free to attend also, with their personal
living expenses paid while they are at camp.


Camps adapted for differently-abled children 

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We want to help support the children of mothers in jail in our local area. Many of the children have special needs due to drugs being in their systems at birth. We want to involve ourselves in organizations that support these families
and make a difference in their lives.

Children of mothers in jail

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