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Thank you for a few moments of your time as you read this letter. We're breaking the rules all over the place! We are not just another charity. We are a for-profit philanthropy company playing a philanthropic business game. Philanthropic means helping; business means an enterprise that engages in different methods of gaining financial potential and prosperity; and game means that we are engaging in a structured endeavor for fun, in our case a financial game that has rules.

Our game changes the model drastically. Our focus is not only on the differently-abled; we also seek to support the caregivers of people with special needs, often invisible and ignored, who give all of their time and effort to bring comfort and ease to their children, family members, friends, and patients. Like a nonprofit organization, we make known our desire to help people with special needs and their caregivers, and we request donations to help us achieve our projects to help. But, in turn, we give great things back to the donor.

For one, for only a $20 quarterly recurring donation (every 3 months) you can help us fund our 10 projects that will definitely enliven and enrich the lives of children and young adults with special needs. We need to get the news out about Shaken Baby Syndrome and its dangers, first and foremost. Our projects are near and dear to our hearts; it’s going to take money to bring them to fruition. Donation Partners get stock in the corporation as business partners in The Unopoly Clubs; they will also receive a percentage of the income of the company as it matures. Nonprofits cannot do this; we can.

I am a fulltime caregiver for my eldest daughter Kimberli Perez. Kimberli is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which happened when she was only 5 months old. Kim needs 24-hour care because of cerebral palsy, partial blindness, and seizures. I have been under much stress, and after much thought, began Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc. with Kim in an effort to help others like us who need loving attention and care with an understanding of the difficulties of this lifestyle, which can feel greatly limiting and unappreciated at times.

At Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc. we respect the needs of the caregivers as well as the differently-abled children and adults in their charge. Help us help the ones who need it the most. Join us today; play our game with us! In return, you will not only help them, but you will also help yourselves. Together we can make lives better and more fulfilling. Join us as an annual Donation Partner and make a difference you can benefit from.

Currently we are working with the Braille Institute in San Diego, California to assist with classes for visually impaired and blind adult students to entertain and teach them new skills and arts. I am teaching classes in podcasting, creating audio content for TV channels created for Roku and Amazon Fire TV streaming services. Age is just a number, they say. "Loving kids and the kid in you" means that children of all ages, from youth to maturity, come under our umbrella. We are committed to helping people become better and delight in our opportunities to help by volunteering and providing financial assistance for our projects.    

Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc. is dedicated to the memory of our Big Mama, Mrs. Essie Mae Reagans. Her Happiness Hill Preschool was located for 26 years in Longview, Texas and was certified as the best preschool in Texas. Many important people passed through Big Mama's preschool to have great success in the world. We love her and we are honored to have her as our guardian angel.

Phew! It's hard work breaking rules but sometimes you've got to cut to the chase to get anything done. In closing, thank you for reading this letter to the end. It's people like you who make the world a better place. C'mon, break the rules with us! "Loving Kids, and the Kid in You" is our motto and mission statement. That describes exactly what we're doing. Thank you again for your time.




Lori Anne Holt
Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc.


P.S. Happiness Hill by Unopoly welcomes people from all over the world to join us as we make an impact that can be felt around the world. Thank you so much for letting me have this time with you.

A Letter from our President

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We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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