Live Online Storytelling

 Coming live in October!

Cash and prizes for listeners! 

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Remember how fun it was to have someone read to you a story when you were a child? It felt so special, so magical. 

It's harder these days to recapture the playfulness and yummy feelings of childhood for our children when we are so rushed and tired each day. That's why this program was dreamed up. Storytime at Happiness Hill has been created to help parents entertain and soothe their children with caring, compassionate, and playful voices reading children's books. These broadcasts aim to bring back something wonderful, something incredibly awesome, that we felt as we heard the storyteller tell their tales.

Storytime at Happiness Hill is a monthly paid subscription of $10, just 50 cents a day, to hear broadcasts of storytelling, a live talk show, and live imaginative play.


P.S. When you decide you want to become a Donation Partner after you read the benefits of joining us you will only have to donate $10 more per month when you sign up ($10 Storytime + $10 Donation Partner).

Question: What if I am a Donation Partner already and I want to subscribe to the podcast? How do I adjust my donation minus the $10 I am now giving to the podcast?

Answer: Just sign in to your account at Donor Box and choose the $10 option. Use the comment box and type "Storytime - DP" there. That's all you have to do.

Lullaby Time with Auntie Mema

Weeknights at 8 p.m. PST

Auntie Mema will read children's stories to ease your child from the hectic busy day into a quiet sleepy time. Each broadcast will be archived for listeners to enjoy again and again. Don't feel guilty anymore for not having the energy to read to your children. Let Auntie Mema do that for you.

Here's a preview of what you will hear:

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00:00 / 09:51

Over the Hump Day Show

Live Wednesdays at 7 p.m. PST

The Happiness Hill Gang will dish and chat about everything to do with being women, moms, and children. The Happiness Hill Gang consists of Mama (Auntie Mema), Kimie, and Jen, Mama and her two daughters. The Over the Hump Day Show will be live so anything can happen.

We will be conducting product reviews and recommending products and services that we like and help us in our daily lives. These women have strong personalities and weird senses of humor. Expect the unexpected! Mama keeps the conversation on track, but anything and everything will eventually be discussed by the Gang.

There will be special guests and maybe celebrities in future episodes. Don't miss out on all the fun! 


Live Fridays at 7 p.m. PST

Hi-Time! with Sammy, Tendai, and Auntie Kimie, is hosted by Auntie Mema. This show focuses on the gang using their imaginations to make up stories and act them out. This live podcast is broadcast on Friday evenings at 7 p.m.

"Hi-Time" is "Having Imagination Time". The gang improvises and makes up stories about anything that comes to mind and voices their roles to perfection. Using their vivid imaginations and acting skills the gang brings the listener the playful sounds of childhood fun and innocence. 

This podcast is for the child at heart as well as body. Anybody who loves to hear children at play will love this podcast. This podcast teaches parents and caregivers how to interact playfully with children like Auntie Kimie does with the kids. Don't miss this fun and exciting podcast!

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