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We are offering a unique and entertaining fundraising program for nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, churches, groups, etc. to raise funds.

Art Day Party is a special day for the children to create art that they will showcase for their potential donors in an online art gallery. The donors for participating organizations and groups will buy mugs, keychains, tote bags, and other items with the participants, usually children's, artwork on them to raise money for them. The organization or group will receive 75% of the profits of the items; this is after the deduction of the wholesale cost for the items. 10% of the profits go to the Art Day Party Planner; 15% goes toward our projects.​

For example: School No. 1 has 800 students who obtain 3 sales each with an average of $5 profit from each item. 800 x 3 sales = 2,400 sales; $5 x 2,400 sales = $12,000 profit. The Art Day Party Planner would receive 10%, $1,200 for a couple of hours of work. Consider the potential! Meanwhile, the School is making a $9,000 profit from the sales Prizes can be given to the students who sell the most as an incentive.  


An Art Day Party Planner can work with us from anywhere. Full support will be provided.

This Art Day Party fundraiser is available worldwide. We use PayPal for payments. Everybody wins with Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc.!