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Happiness Hill by Unopoly, Inc. is not just another charity site. First, we are a for-profit philanthropy company playing a philanthropic business game. Philanthropic means helping; business means an enterprise that engages in different methods of gaining financial potential and prosperity; and game means that we are engaging in a structured endeavor for fun, in our case a financial game that has rules.

In our own way, we are changing the game rules a bit. Normally, we would be called a nonprofit organization. In the old way of doing business in the not-for-profit world, a nonprofit would solicit alms and donations from the public to help fund the nonprofit’s enterprises and activities helping different causes. Foundations are created by wealthy people, businesses, and families to be philanthropic with all of the wealth they have created by their enterprises. But, we are different.

Our Story

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

Jonas Salk


Every child deserves a chance at a good life. There are children who don't have that opportunity right here in the U.S. and around the world because of political policies, neglect, bullying, poverty, etc. We want to do our part to stop children from having special needs, like what has happened in Flint, Michigan. Lead, metals, toxins, and bacteria are in the tap water, causing mental and physical deficiencies. This doesn't have to happen! This is a great tragedy. 


Join our fight to provide good and progressive services and opportunities to the least looked-after segment of our population, special needs children and young adults.


Discount Packages

Up to 40% off all kinds of entertainment. Deep discounts galore.

Hearing The World

Visually impaired and blind people can now hear their writings through AI!

Contests & Promotions

Occasionally we will have contests & promotions. We will have cash & prizes for the winners.

The Vibe Mall

Buy gifts for yourself and the ones you love. Support us through buying from our stores.

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Help our children
and adults with
special needs

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Happiness Hill by Unopoly

We are a for-profit philanthropy company that helps children and adults with special needs. We love caregivers! Donate today to help people with special needs have better lives.

Phone: 760-917-6484

Email: unopolyinc@gmail.com

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